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This website is a B2B and B2C digital platform, designed and developed by the Swedish company Aura Stone Trade and Design, as a showroom and a digital marketplace for presenting and promoting products, designs and arts either created by this Aura Stone trade and Design or other brands featured by this company.

Founder's words

Alongside a long career as a civil engineer, Management consultant, (X)EOs for various entities, etc., working with art and design have always been part of the hidden “me”. Since 2018, by starting Aura Stone Trade and design, I have been privileged to come into the fantastic world of the natural stones and their beauty, uniqueness and almost endless visual appearances. Using natural stones in designs, arts, and accessories became my passion gradually and made me somehow as a self-made artistic designer. Gradually, designing other items has also taken someplace in my thoughts and actions.

As a designer, I have, so long, created several items and have several others in my mind. However, I am still a learner in this exciting world and discover continuously new fields, which give me new ideas. For developing my ideas, I have been delighted for getting know a bunch of talented and kind designers, artist, manufacturer, product developer and material provider who sincerely and persistently assisted my company and me in our development and growth.

Building this website is my way to interact with other people who like to create, promote, market and trade with design and art.

Soheil Zeinali

Aura Design & Art

Skräddarns Backe 2,

196 34 Kungsängen

(Greater Stockholm)  Sweden

+ 46 8 277 988

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