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Scandinavian Eco-Design

Candlelights create emotional and sensual sceneries almost on any occasion of our life. In addition, candle holders could add an artistic dimension and visual identity to these sceneries. Human has perhaps formed thousands of candleholders of various shapes, sizes and material during history.

Gemini candle holders are designed by Soheil Zeinali, funder and CEO of the Swedish Company Aura Design, AURADA. These candle holders are not designed to out-perform any other designs, rather inspired by the Scandinavian style and nature they are made to be elegantly functional. Candle holders in this collection stand for simplicity, flexibility, sleek shapes, timeless styles, abstractions and use of natural and recyclable material.

Having a pair of Gemini candleholders would mean possessing eye-catching decorative items which can be rearranged in several ways and giving you many ornamental looks and undoubtedly practical uses almost in any settings.

Material & Manufacturing

Having a genuine collaboration with the Estonian design and production company Plyland has had a significant impact on Gemini candle holders' development. Plyland's hand-dyed veneers and tailored coloured plywoods alongside their outstanding craftsmanship has been a crucial key factor for giving Gemini candle holders a unique character and a fashionable appearance.

Perfection in details tells simply about Plyland's high skills and their passion for what they do. Any Gemini candleholders is an authentic piece of hand-made art, which has formed step by step by patient, passion, and perfection.

Handcrafted by

Patient, Passion and Perfection


Gemini candle holders are available in the following models:

HUG; Designed for hosting 2 Taper/Chim candles and 2 Tea-light candles.

Tapchi; Designed for hosting 6 Taper or Chim candles

Teli; Designed for hosting 6 Tea-light candles.

Tate; A double-sided candleholders for hosting 6 candles in each side. Tate is suitable for tea-light, Taper and Chim candles 

All models could be offered in various mono-colours and multicolours finishes.

Candle holders in Gemini collection are designed for playing with your fantasy and creativity. Apart from the elegance coloured veneers, Gemini candle holders, distinguish themselves from other candleholders in two key features for users; variation of visual appearance and flexibility of use.

As two separate single candle holders or as paired set, Gemini candle holders, gives you unique opportunity to decorate your spaces or surfaces in various and numerous formations/arrangements and create outstanding visual appearances.

Re-Shape & Re-create

your own decorative formations


Colour Options

In general, Gemini candle holders are categorised into two groups: Mono- colour and Multi-colour

Multi-colour: a combination of coloured and uncoloured veneers. A ratio of 50% coloured and 50 % uncoloured will be applied.

Mono- colour: One of the main colour of veneer combined with lighter or darker tones of the same colour.

In either category, this collection could be designed in almost endless colour combination

Gemini candle holders could be a perfect and appreciated gift. Let these eye-caching candle holders carry your massage, logo or greeting.