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Join to a growing genuine, professional and engaged community here. Present your abilities & capacities here. Present your needs of other sources here. Build up a network of committed and supportive people around you here. Create your 24/7 global showroom here. Share your network with other here. Boost your brands among a global network here. Develop your idea into a successful result here. Generate selling leads here. Boost your market intelligent and global insight here. Create a very productive synergy here ……..

Make yourself simply heard, seen and remembered here. is meant to be a multifunctional digital platform for solo designers or artists for boosting their development and success at a higher level, within more comprehensive range, in a global market or an industrial production scale.  

We are entirely aware of the variety and broadness of designer and artist as occupations. It should be underlined that this website/forum is mainly made to serve designers and artists who work with creation or development of visual and emotional expression considering furniture, decorative accessories, decorations, arts, interiors or exteriors. 

A global attractive Show Room

Make awareness, interest and desire for your creation, abilities and capacities for a worldwide audience and market.

A lucrative global B2B Marketplace

Generate B2B trade opportunities with global commercial buyers.

A lead generator for B2C Trades

Guide or redirect the audience, as potential buyers, towards your B2C platforms or other sales channels elsewhere.

A dynamic and inspiring Team-builder forum

Define and find the external sources you need considering product development, manufacturing, marketing, branding, selling and distributing of your creation.

Build up a network of committed and supportive people around you here.

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