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The name Lapiarte stands for the Latin words Lapide= Stone and Arte=Art. Lapiarte is a commercial trademark founded and developed by the Swedish Company Aura Stone Trade and design since 2018. Revealing natural stones inherent visual expression as part of an interior or exterior design, in a creative and sometimes in an unproven way, is the essence of Lapiarte as a design style. Above that, identifying unusual stone types around the globe and using them as part of the designs would be the most distinguishing crachteristic differentiation of Lapiarte’s designs.

Combining natural stone with other material such as metal, wood, glass is somehow the ultimate temptation in creations of items in the framework of this brand.

Lapiarte is a platform for “thinking out of the box” considering the use of the natural stones as a decorative part of our daily life. Handcrafted component of natural stones, both in its most plain and also its sophisticated appearance, are on focus particularly in terms of designing furniture, decorations and accessories. We welcome all people around the globe for being a creative and artistic part of Lapiarte’s exciting journey for the creation of new designs and items.

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P-Lines Collection

P-Lines Collection


P-Lines Collection


Coffe/Side table

Plystone Collection

Console & Table frame


P-Lines Collection

Plystone Collection

Consol/Table frame

Console/Table frame

Plystone Collection

Onlipa Collection

Wall decoration/Lighting

Various Collections

Various items

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It should be underlined that all Lapiarte's products are handcrafted artworks which barely will be manufactured according to customer orders. In other words, there is no mass-production and warehousing of these items. Delivery time for these items assumed to be ca 5-7 weeks.

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